Tipsy Totes Buzz - The Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers

Mommy and Baby Reviews recently posted a review article about Tipsy Totes!  Here's an excerpt of our favorite parts!  ...

Tipsy Totes talks RUM in the new Watch Your Bac(k)ardi Blog

If you don’t know that the sweet(er) taste of rum is derived from sugar cane and it’s by products, now you do!  Rum is sugar based!  Here’s a rundown of how sugar cane spread across the world, and subsequently rum too.

Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle of RUM

We all know pirates from legends and histories of books and movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. So how much of the dastardly drunken legends are true?

The Gin & Tonic - Final Chapter of Are You Ready to Tanqueray

The history and importance of gin isn’t complete without discussing tonic.  The gin & tonic really did have medicinal value.  Some of the other claims made by pharmacies back in the day like curing ailments and reviving your spirits were nothing compared to the actual malaria-fighting properties of what we today call tonic.

Are You Ready to Tanqueray 2?

And we continue with the history of GIN.  If you’ve read any of the other spirit blogs  (whiskey and vodka) you already know to expect medicinal qualities, over-indulgence and of course…taxation.  And gin is no exception.

Are You Ready to Tanqueray?

We’ve probably all heard complaints about gin a time or two, right?  How true are they? Tipsy Totes investigates.  Since neither of us is a regular gin drinker, research is done both in the bar and through reputable gin resources…but the bar is so much more fun, right?  You have to love this kind of investigative journalism, if you can really call it that. 

Labor Day

What's on your Labor Day Weekend schedule?  A BBQ and beers?  Or maybe a home improvement project?  A road trip to a fun...

Vodka Fun Facts, Trivia and Mini History Part 2

We start where we left off – back in Russia where vodka was born. Get ready for more Tipsy Fun Facts and odd knowledge on our friend, VODKA!


Vodka Fun Facts, Trivia and Mini History

Vodka…Super Hero of the Spirits World?  Maybe.   Makes friends easily…check.  It's easily mixed with juice, soda, tonic ect.   Always there when...

Atlanta Market Wrap Up

Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings Market You may have seen our posts on Social Media on the Atlanta Gift &...

Vodka...need I say more?

Summer is here (at least in Vegas it is!) and what better way to kick off the season than with our old friend, Vodka.  It's mixable, it bloats gummy bears to delicious intoxication and who could forget summer favorites like Sex on the Beach, Lemon Drops, refreshing Sea Breezes and Long Island Iced Teas

Mother's Day 2015

Are you ready for Mother’s Day?  It’s less than 2 weeks away!     Moms are amazing women.  She raised you, gave...

Whiskey or Whisky? Part 2

Part 2 of Whiskey or Whisky has more fun facts and includes some of the historical significance of whiskey in the US. 

Whiskey or Whisky?

We went looking for some light-hearted fun facts about the popular spirit to whet our appetite.  As one of the fastest growing spirit categories, we thought we should be educated in all things whiskey.

Calling All Single Ladies!

Calling all single ladies!  Let’s get the girls together for some good old fashioned man-bashing! And what ewlse could possible make...