Wine Pairings...Halloween Movies and What to Drink With Them!

October is here and Halloween is upon us!  The candy, the costumes, the MOVIES!  What do you drink while watching Halloween movies? As a wine lover, I have put together a list of what I'll be drinking and watching this spooky season! Read on for fun movie and wine pairings!

Canned Wine Is A Thing Now

If you love wine it’s hard to get away from seeing the Canned Wine phenomenon everywhere you look.  I literally see it everywhere; on social media, in ads, wine articles, in stores. 

I am especially intrigued by the canned wine because I love going to outdoor events and my wine must come too!  Glass is heavy and breakable which cans seem like such a great idea! Read on for our findings.....

Mother Daughter Relationships and Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has a special meaning to the Tipsy Totes company.  We tend to celebrate the Mother/Daughter dynamic on a daily basis because in case you haven’t heard…Tipsy Totes is a Mother/Daughter Team!

Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day...Even If You Think You Hate It.

Do you walk into Target and think ewww, Valentine’s day just threw up all over!  Yuck!  Too much commercialism, too much candy destined to rot kids’ teeth, too much…just everything.  

While we won’t disagree with you that Valentine’s Day can be a shopping disaster from last-minute panic to over crowded aisles and kids begging for EVERYTHING. As an optimistic, romantic, and lover of life - let’s look at the flip side!  Why you should want to celebrate Valentine's Day...even if you think you hate it.

50 Shades of Valentine's Day

Looking to step it up this Valentine’s Day?  Add that spark to a night when something special is already expected?  We have ideas - Let Tipsy Totes help you make Date Night spectacular!  We’ve put together a vanilla version of a 50 Shades of Valentine’s Day Experience.  You go ahead and make it as vanilla or kinky as you like!

Our 50 Shades Valentine’s Date Night includes a special aphrodisiac cocktail, handcuffs and a sweet treat as a reward…or however you plan on using that frosting!  And don’t forget the tie.

And Don't forget our extra special Valentine's Day Offer! FREE HANDCUFFS!


The Aphrodisiac 50 Shades Cocktail Recipe and Instructions

While we love our wine at Tipsy Totes, for Date Night Valentine's Day we did go with something a bit stronger for the occasion!  We wanted to start with something sensual.  Something different.  Something Unexpected.  

Our aphrodisiac cocktail is vodka base martini with a smoked oyster to get you in the mood!  Aphrodisiac and a courage enhancer!  The perfect recipe for a perfect night.

New Year, New You? Or Same Fabulous, Fierce Female?

Welcome to 2019!  How’s the New Year treating you so far?  It’s day #2 and we’re off! We tend to make grand resolutions and decide we’re going to 100% change all the not so great behaviors we survived in the previous year. However, life is about balance. If you give up everything you love, you’ll end up living a life full of regrets, disappointment and boredom...

Confessions of a Special Occasions Hoarder

Do you ever look around your house/closet/garage and notice all the things you are saving for a  special event?  This is me. I am a recovering special occasions hoarder.  I learned life is short.   Live. Your. Life.

You aren't guaranteed tomorrow, so make today count and enjoy the hell out of it!

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