JLLV Fleece Scarf with Pockets


Fleece Scarf with Pockets

Charcoal and soft

10" wide

Approximately 80" long

Pockets are 8" deep

JLLV logo is printed in soft shimmery silver with snowflakes.

Please note these are hand printed and some variations should be expected.

One size fits most.

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Feeling chilly during your shifts? This wide, fleece scarf with pockets will keep you toasty!

Scarf is charcoal gray and super soft. Measures approximately 10" wide and 80" long with the pockets.

JLLV logo is printed in the soft, shimmery silver along with snowflakes.  Please note these are hand printed and some variations should be expected.  Pockets are approximately 8" deep.  

Pockets not only keep your hands warm, but also hold keys, wallet and other essentials!


Tipsy Totes is the brain child of Sonja and Ursula Bettendorf. Mother/Daughter Duo of all things sequins, fabulous and wine. Based in Las Vegas, NV, these ladies know how to make wine, beer and alcohol chic again. Don’t serve your wine naked…dress it up.

Fabulous Features of Tipsy Totes include:

  • Totally touchable Reversible Sequins in amazing colors
  • Cheetah/Leopard print totes for the Adventurers
  • Bright, flirtatious metallic red lips for the sexy vixens
  • Beer and water koozies or as we call them fashion accessories
  • Single Bottle Totes hold most 750ml bottles perfect for BYOB, dinner parties, gifting
  • Double Bottle Totes hold 2 of most 750ml bottles, you won’t be able to give these up - get 2
  • And we didn’t even cover the French Maid Aprons!

Tipsy Totes has something unique and exciting for everyone. From the BFF who has it all to the wine lover, there’s an amazing Tipsy Tote to suit her.