Corset Wine Tote in Hot Pink and Silver Reversible Mermaid Sequin Fabric | Wine Purse

Corset Wine Tote is sleek black satin paired with hot pink to silver reversible sequins. Holds 2 bottles of wine and spirits, most 750ml bottles. Wine Koozie.

This sexy little number is sure to hold your umm…BOTTLES in place! That’s right, this Corset is not a sexy top, it’s a wine carrier! Our Bustier Double Wine Tote securely holds 2 bottles of wine.

  • Corset/Bustier Wine Carrier
  • Holds 2 bottles
  • Reversible Sequins change from Pink to Silver 
  • Trimmed in matching Hot Pink Fur
  • Made with Satin and Sequins, Fully Lined with Satin

Take your wine or champagne in your new Corset Tote to your next Girls Night Out! Or the Bustier Wine Carrier doubles as a fancy tote bag for gifting, and even as a lingerie and champagne date night surprise. Awaken your imagination to all the fun she can bring - plus 2 bottles of wine of course.

Tipsy Totes’ Bustier Wine Carrier is fully finished from front to back, top to bottom with no detail left out. Sexy reversible sequins are hard to keep your hand off. The sequins change from hot pink to silver when flipped. The Corset Wine Tote is topped in matching hot pink fur and sensual black satin accentuates all her curves. The Corset Tote is lined with the same black satin and finished with care.

The Corset Wine Tote is made to superior standards.  Secure chain handles are affixed to the bustier to ensure safe carrying. A divider inside separates bottles to reduce risk of breaking bottles. And definitely not least, a platform base keeps everything in line and safe while in the tote. From 1 to 2 bottles this sexy corset will carry everything in style!

Corset/Bustier Tote measures 14.5" tall, approximately 10.5" long and 5.5" wide.



Tipsy Totes is the brain child of Sonja and Ursula Bettendorf. Mother/Daughter Duo of all things sequins, fabulous and wine. Based in Las Vegas, NV, these ladies know how to make wine, beer and alcohol chic again. Don’t serve your wine naked…dress it up.

Fabulous Features of Tipsy Totes include:

  • Totally touchable Reversible Sequins in amazing colors
  • Cheetah/Leopard print totes for the Adventurers
  • Bright, flirtatious metallic red lips for the sexy vixens
  • Beer and water koozies or as we call them fashion accessories
  • Single Bottle Totes hold most 750ml bottles perfect for BYOB, dinner parties, gifting
  • Double Bottle Totes hold 2 of most 750ml bottles, you won’t be able to give these up - get 2
  • And we didn’t even cover the French Maid Aprons!

Tipsy Totes has something unique and exciting for everyone. From the BFF who has it all to the wine lover, there’s an amazing Tipsy Tote to suit her.

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