Calling all single ladies!  Let’s get the girls together for some good old fashioned man-bashing!

It’s time to unite and celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day and have some fun with it!  Tired of men being selfish or too into themselves?  Going through a divorce or just plain done with men?  We want to celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day with you!

Our favorite totes and wine bags are perfect for a girls’ night in with an Anti-Man Theme.  Some of our favorites include the I Now Pronounce You Dumped & Single - You May Now Kiss My Ass - a classic in the making!  Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I’d Rather Be Single Than Be With You; and Cupid Rhymes With Stupid.

While the Tipsy Totes Anti-Valentine’s Day totes are perfect to anti-celebrate Valentine’s Day, they are also great for women going through any number of man-induced situations – a break-up, divorce, cheating scandal ect.  Break out the “back-off” totes and let them know how much you don’t need them right now.  Good for a small ray of sunshine in the midst of ugliness.  Or if you’re the revenge type go ahead and send him the tote, but keep the wine – he surely doesn’t deserve it.  I’m sure you can find something more appropriate to put in the tote (although we cannot condone that kind of behavior!).

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